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From laboratory reports and X-ray images to discharge letters, as a patient it’s down to you to take care of your own health records. And if you’re switching between doctors and healthcare facilities, it all starts to become a lot of effort. This level of stress is something you can really do without – particularly when your own health is at stake. PatientAssist would like to make life easier for you when it comes to the volume of data you have to deal with. It also gives you the ability to provide doctors with a special emergency code so that they have temporary access to selected health records. You decide who can see your health records. PatientAssist comes complete with an integrated diary, which is a convenient tool for entering comments relating to your pain, general well-being and nutrition. What’s more, you can even link it up to popular fitness apps and smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch®, allowing you to decide whether data is sent to or from the Apple HealthKit app. With PatientAssist, all recorded values are stored clearly and centrally so that the data is easy for you to analyse. And if you’re interested, you can even share your health records for research purposes, meaning you can make an active contribution to improving treatment methods and chances of recovery.

Healthcare Cloud for all

We offer start-ups in the healthcare sector and other healthcare providers with the option of linking apps to our cloud. We provide the necessary interfaces for this and save the data securely on our own German servers. What's more, as a partner you can maintain direct contact to healthcare decision-makers via our network.

Patient Assist – Now in your Design too

Whether for hospitals, health insurance providers or other healthcare institutions - from now on we can adapt PatientAssist to your corporate identity. Our modular design means that the digital patient files obtain the right look to meet your specifications and can be made available to mebers, partners and patients.

  • PatientAssist - Original

  • PatientAssist - Customized

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iPhone diary
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PatientAssist overview

What are the benefits of PatientAssist?

What are the benefits of PatientAssist?

PatientAssist gives you the perfect overview of your own medical history. All of your values and reports can be digitally stored, viewed and even printed out if you need hard copies. What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to note down specific events and key details thanks to the integrated diary. Having your data all in one place also allows doctors to make better decisions with regard to your diagnoses and therapies, meaning no more unnecessary examinations or pointless follow-ups.
What exactly is PatientAssist?

What exactly is PatientAssist?

PatientAssist is a cloud-based solution with an accompanying app client that makes filing and amalgamating your health records a breeze. In the event of an emergency, PatientAssist offers straightforward – and potentially life-saving – access to your data.
How secure is PatientAssist?

How secure is PatientAssist?

All of your data is stored in certified data centres based in Germany. When it comes to retrieving your health records, the level of security in place is second to none and the entire data exchange is encrypted from start to finish.
Who has access to the data?

Who has access to the data?

You as the patient are the only one with access to your data. You can, however, grand your doctors temporary access rights. Government agencies, authorities and insurance companies DO NOT have any access.
Who is the target market for PatientAssist?

Who is the target market for PatientAssist?

Anyone whose health is important to them and who likes to have an overview of their details close at hand. PatientAssist also offers a range of functions for people caring for relatives.
How can I access PatientAssist?

How can I access PatientAssist?

You can start by registering at the top of the page before logging in. The accompanying app (for iOS and Android) is available in the respective app stores.
How much does PatientAssist cost?

How much does PatientAssist cost?

PatientAssist is free. So if you’re interested in a clear and straightforward way to store your health records digitally, it’s worth getting signed up now!
What functions does PatientAssist have to offer?

What functions does PatientAssist have to offer?

  • Digital medical record: Systematic, digital data recording (including doctor’s reports, radiological data and medication).
  • Emergency pass: Access to all essential information (such as allergies and emergency contact) at a glance in case of emergency.
  • Diary: An easy and direct way to enter all sensitivities, such as pain, sleeping patterns, mood and nutrition, complete with reminder function.
  • App: Convenient data recording via the accompanying app (including connection to a smartphone or Apple Watch).
  • Emergency signal: A trusted contact person is notified automatically if predefined values are entered.
  • Analysis: Diary data can be sent to a doctor in PDF format.
  • Medication: Clear medication plan (available for download as a PDF) and practical reminder function.
The PatientAssist philosophy:

The PatientAssist philosophy:

The entire concept of PatientAssist is underpinned by people and their desire to lead healthy lives. Our solution makes it easier to handle information whilst also improving organisation. What’s more, it also offers direct benefits for all concerned, including the attending doctors.

PatientAssist in brief


What can replace the booklet and create incentives for healthy people
Sports, calories, sleep tracking
Ensure data access and, if necessary, change data
Remind of prevention
Make certificates available
Inform about cash benefits
Make the cash register virtual
Contribute to a healthy lifestyle ...
Nutrition recommendations, exercise recommendations, etc.

What can the ehr for PATIENTS (PATIENT VOICES)

No repeat of the complete Medical history, all data is always with you
All medical data in one place
Transparent Patient ...
he knows all about himselfs data
Digital consultation
Networking with other stakeholders
No duplicate examinations and blood samples
Staying in the house
List of medicines and intake
the mature patient
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 * I read the data protection

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